About Face Bangkok

Face Bangkok restaurant has established itself as one of Bangkok's leading dining Venues, offering Thai, Indian and Japanese cuisines. Diners at Face can mix all three Asian cuisines, or order Thai, Indian and Japanese cuisines seperately. Don't miss the Face Bar where one can enjoy Bangkok's best cocktails in a stunning and exotic environment. Structurally we referred to the classical Thai extended family house, and the importance of the "klong" which by tradition was the "road" access to the Thai house. There was also an emphasis on the Pan Asian use of many changes of floor levels within the builds and the compound. We were concerned to be sensitive to the tropical environment, by maximizing shading and the use of thermal mass for cooling. We saw the whole complex as a "Caravansary" (as on the silk route) a meeting place which is secure (enclosing) welcoming and multi cultural , using antiques and artifacts from the traders and trader cultures who visited this region. We stressed diversity and multiculturalism in a sensual, friendly environment where you can meet, eat, drink and talk, face to face in a calm secure atmosphere. Face Bangkok is definitely a restaurant to see in Bangkok.